Good food for kids

Odds are, we've all eaten pretty well this week. Between the pumpkin and pecan pies, roasted turkey and vegetables and all manner of potatoes, you are, like me, very full by now. With that in mind, I'm definitely ready to turn the focus from holiday overindulgence to healthy moderation. And not only for myself.

Last week in the Slow Food USA office, we took a moment to write a letter to our congressmen and women about the Child Nutrition Act which is up for reauthorization, likely in early 2010. Most of us support increasing the funding provided to each child by one dollar a day, so that the kids who rely on these meals have a chance at a healthy lunch and avoid the health problems that could affect them later.

Check out the photos of us letter writing here, or the Slow Food USA Time for Lunch campaign here. And if you're interested in writing your own letter to congress, check to find the contact information for you local lawmakers.

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