Blooper reel: A tale of two cheesecakes

The biggest food holiday of the year just wouldn't be that without a least one culinary blooper. In our kitchen the turkey is still to be roasted and the gravy to be made, but my mom and I discovered our mishap last night around midnight. Weeks ago, we had decided to have pumpkin cheesecake for dessert this Thanksgiving. Neither of us had made a cheesecake before, but her good friend had a recipe and we felt up to the task.

We decided that I would take the helm on the project, but at my parents' house since my mom's kitchen is better equipped. But when travel plans changed at the last minute, signals got crossed about who was responsible for the cheesecake. Maybe you see where this is going... Justin and I arrived at my parents house last night, bearing sweet potato casserole, veggies for roasting and a vat of pumpkin pie cheesecake filling. My plan was to run inside, whip up a crust, pour the filling in and take a nap before pulling the finished dessert out of the oven and stashing it in the fridge overnight. Instead, as I carried the liquid cream cheese mixture inside my mom spotted it and said, "Oh, wait. Did you make a cheesecake? I thought I was making the cheesecake." Sure enough, a finished pumpkin-spice cheesecake sat chilling in the fridge. The second is ready to pull from the oven as we speak.

{ Roast turkey with black-truffle butter and white-wine Gravy, courtesy of }

There are five* of us having Thanksgiving dinner this year at the Boggs' homestead, but we are determined that no cheesecake shall go untouched. That said, if you're in the mood for some dessert leftovers today, feel free to stop by our house.

*We are short one Boggs family member today; my youngest sister is down south swabbing the decks, slushing the mast and whatever else it is you do when you work on a sailboat. It's an understatement to say that she is sorely missed. Wish you were here P.B.

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