Snow day soup and sandwich

I'll admit that I haven't been terribly inspired in the kitchen lately. I blame this mostly on the weather. Winter is never my favorite season, but this year has been particularly brutal with all of the snow, and as we speak another slushy foot is burying Philadelphia. Justin and I have spent much of 2010 inside, but instead of holing up in the kitchen with new recipes I'd rather hibernate, stopping only to eat something hot and comforting and generally loaded with carbs.

Today is no exception. After some work and a work out this morning, all I could think about for lunch was my favorite snow day snack growing up; grilled cheese with tomato soup. When the craving hit me, my first thought was that I didn't have any tomato soup. But wait a minute... I did have a can of tomatoes, garlic, onion and spices. That's enough for a simple tomato soup, right? About thirty minutes later I was dunking my grilled cheese into homemade tomato soup.

{ The dynamic duo. On the sammy I added sauteed spinach for some daily green and Dijon mustard for a little kick }

And that folks, is what I call a good snow day.

What is wrong with this picture?

Through the magic of internet technology, I was video chatting with a good friend yesterday who lives in New Zealand. We were talking about apples. It's not time for apples right now, at least not where I live, but maybe we were doing some wishful thinking. Because we live on opposite sides of the world from one another, the apples we find in our respective grocery stores are, understandably, from opposite sides of the world as well. In one grocery store, the apples are proudly stamped products of the USA, while in the other many of the stickers read "product of New Zealand". Seems reasonable, right? Well here's the rub; it's the apples I see in Pennsylvania groceries that are sporting New Zealand passports, while many of the ones she finds are from the USA.

I hate to ask the obvious here but, what is wrong with this picture?