What is wrong with this picture?

Through the magic of internet technology, I was video chatting with a good friend yesterday who lives in New Zealand. We were talking about apples. It's not time for apples right now, at least not where I live, but maybe we were doing some wishful thinking. Because we live on opposite sides of the world from one another, the apples we find in our respective grocery stores are, understandably, from opposite sides of the world as well. In one grocery store, the apples are proudly stamped products of the USA, while in the other many of the stickers read "product of New Zealand". Seems reasonable, right? Well here's the rub; it's the apples I see in Pennsylvania groceries that are sporting New Zealand passports, while many of the ones she finds are from the USA.

I hate to ask the obvious here but, what is wrong with this picture?


  1. That image frustrated me for several minutes. I was trying to understand what was wrong with the picture - aka whats missing, what stands out, etc. - and felt like a miserable failure when I could figure it out. Then I read your entry. Woops.

  2. when I could *not* figure it out.

  3. I thought about that when I was posting - oops! You figured it out though, there is nothing literally wrong with the above picture... Or is there?