Weekend update.

The past few days have been filled with great reading material, and I would like to start the week off at Fresh by sharing a few interesting links.

• Russ Parson's column for the LA Times on the often blurry meaning of the word organics. This latest was actually a follow-up from an earlier piece which he had begun with the statement, "I don't believe in organic."

• Newsweek's recent article on urban farming. Philadelphia's own Greensgrow Farm made a well-deserved appearance.

Fast Company's June 2009 issue profiled the top 100 creative people in business. Milwaukee urban farmer and former basketball player Will Allen made the cut.

Michael Pollan's article in the New York Times Magazine about our increasing affection for watching people cook on television, while we're cooking less ourselves at home. Personally, I find this article more interesting than I do depressing. It's not that I doubt Pollan's research, his findings are hard to argue... We're definitely eating more processed food in lieu of the real thing. But at the same time that marketing numbers show that the number of people cooking at home is down, I watch the customers at busy farmer's markets stocking up on fresh veggies, cheeses, fruit and meats. I can only assume that they're taking these items home to, if not cook, than at least carefully prepare. And on my favorite food blogs, hundreds of comments discuss the results of the latest recipe. So while we may currently represent a minority, home cooks are holding strong. And I truly believe that, while we probably aren't headed for a return of catching and plucking our own chickens (thankfully), home cooking will make a comeback.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts about this last one. Do you all like cooking at home, or it is just one other thing to fit in? What do you all think, is home cooking really on its way out?

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