Sweet Capogiro

It's no secret; I have a sweet tooth. This seemed normal enough when I was growing up. Most of my family shared a similar affinity to sweets, so it wasn't until after I left home and roommates started commenting on my tendency to enjoy a bit of chocolate after breakfast when I learned that not everyone loves chocolate and ice cream quite the way I do. And oh my, do I love ice cream. So naturally, gelato also gets my attention.

I couldn't tell you about the first time I tried gelato. It must not have been a memorable iced-cream experience. This shouldn't come as a surprise since gelato is about the best dessert in the world when done right, but can be just "meh" when done wrong. Sadly, most of my pre-Capogiro forays were forgettable. But I can absolutely pinpoint my first experience with
Capogiro, and many of them since then. It was post-sushi date in the city, spring of 2008 (I know, I was late to the game- the artisan gelato shop opened its doors in 2002). As usual, I needed something sweet to finish the meal and Capogiro's contemporary European storefront caught my attention. So did the line winding out the door and down the sidewalk. I figured whatever they had to offer must be worth the wait... And it was. Sweet Lord, it was.

{ the midtown village storefront, courtesy of the Capogiro website }

I was stunned by the variety of flavors; chocolate hazelnut, burnt sugar, rhubarb and avocado just to name a few. I settled on a Thai coconut milk and bittersweet chocolate combo that night, and the rest was history. I was hooked.

{ a peek at a few of the fruity flavors, photo by Richard Cress courtesy of GoPhila.com }

But here's the best part. Owners Stephanie and John Reitano craft their flavors seasonally and source local ingredients first, including milk from grass-fed hormone-free cows, from farms in nearby Lancaster County. And in the Italian tradition that inspired them, they make the gelato in small batches each morning. That's a sweet treat I can feel good about eating... Even if it is before noon.

{ a shot of my most recent Capogiro experience at Dujour Market in Haverford; Lancaster County mint with bittersweet chocolate }

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